I think my husband and I have reached a point where we empathize with our parents and the tools they used in our upbringing. However, we are also taking those lessons and using it as an opportunity to grow from it. Our parents watch our parenting style now in both...


Love this! We made our boxes and use them with the understanding that while the box is in use we are calming down and we will talk after we feel calm. Its helped alot


Very well presented, great pace, and great material. I really appreciate the entire episode. I am really taking my time and trying to step back and observe my actions and reactions, than placing myself in my child’s shoes and trying to imagine how they interpret...


been looking for parenting advice for the longest, one of my friends recommended this app. I love it. thank u so much.


Thank you for hello joey.we have two moms and an aunt raising four children. It’s very hectic and we bump heads often. We need the the different perspectives given in your lessons, so we can come together to raise emotionally mature children to thrive in this...