Partner with us

Here at Parent Lab, every piece of content we create is backed by hours of research — we have a team dedicated to vetting parenting materials, everything from articles to books and experts. You name it, we’ve probably read it. Our process is what makes our parenting content unique. Our goal is to save parents those hours searching for answers.

How we select the best experts for each topic

When we choose an expert, we choose them for their mastery in a specific topic or range of topics, rather than assuming that they are the expert on every aspect of parenting.

1. We identify experts by networking with the experts we already know, do literature searches online and find who is most cited and published on needed topics, and see who is mentioned as experts in the media. We value the expert’s work over their public relations or social buzz.

2. Check credentials by asking around, checking resumes, looking for institutional affiliations, reading their writings and comparing to our ethos.

3. Interview and determine suitability for upcoming courses or other initiatives.

How we select courses by experts to feature in our app:

We look for online versions of interventions and education that we know already matches our ethos. This tends to be through respected organizations and institutions such as Hand in Hand Parenting, Tuning Into Kids, Great Conversations, Ellyn Satter Institute, etc.

We search for emerging talent that wants to expand their audiences, including presenters at conferences. If they inspire us, that’s a start. Then we look at their credentials and view some sample material to know if they meet Parent Lab’s standards.

Most importantly, we believe that our experts should align with our ethos:

We believe in helping parents create and develop a solid parenting foundation so they can adjust their style and methods to resolve issues on their own terms.

There are some fundamentals that can help parents to better understand their children, such as the science behind how our brains and bodies work.

We focus on creating strong connections over age-appropriate milestones.

A strong relationship with a parent heavily influences how children utilize the potential in their own life, manage their own future relationships and how they interact with the world.

Our children’s behavior is often a mirror of our own behavior. To understand our children, we should start by examining ourselves with curiosity and understanding.

Our children are not intended to be miniature versions of ourselves, but to be their own unique selves–different than us, but with their own voices.

Continuous learning about the differences both between and within age groups and individuals is critical for us to understand and best meet our children’s needs.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you and chat further about how we might be a good fit. Email us here.