Yana A

I’m really excited to have found you guys. My son is 3 and I’m feeling very stressed out and alone. This course helped me realize that parenting has a lot to do with self awareness and that there are ways to make life easier for the two of us.

Raymond S

I’m a dad and a behavior therapist, but I still find myself taking into these pitfalls from time to time. This is a great resource. My favorite part is hearing from other parents. It’s so relieving to know that there are other imperfect patches out...

Jennifer C

Both of my children are school age and have experienced bullying. This has helped me understand better how to handle it. It also gave me some ideas of how to help my children be active in stopping the bullying of themselves or classmates.

Emily U

As a nutritionist and a mom, I have to say this is FABULOUS advice for raising kids to have a healthy relationship with food!

Kim M

I’ll be honest, we were a family of unlimited screen time. Learning about the impact of screens on emotions and patience gave me the motivation to commit to using the suggestions and screen detox plan in this course and it actually worked.