Really appreciate the non-judgmental, objective look at this very important topic. hope I can get my act together enough to actually do the measuring!!! which I see is the key starting place.


My husband spends 247 on his phone that leads to me to stay on mine . Could that be why my older child likes to stay on her YouTube for learning things if she doesn’t get her YouTube to learn she goes crazy ..


I like that they help to describe the difficult topics to children. The last thing I want to do is scare them I want to educate


So my 11 year old and I decided to stay up late in my bed and watch Tik Tok and snap chat and different things like this. For instance, we did the face swap. It was hilarious and truly laughing with your child is amazing and fulfilling. In that moment we stepped out...


It’s helpful to know the research on this topic, I’ve always loved video games and this explains some of my behaviours- anxiety in particular- as an adult as well. It’s been difficult to avoid screens during the covid situation and taking university...