Jaymie Byron, LMFT

Director of Community Outreach & Education | Crisis Response Coordinator

Jaymie Byron, LMFT is the Director of Community Outreach and Education for Kara. Her work at Kara over the past 7 years has been focused on supporting those in the initial wake of grief. Jaymie manages and maintains the crisis response team for Kara that supports schools, organizations, first responders, and large families in the wake of crisis. Within her capacity at Kara, Jaymie has extensive experience working directly with clients impacted by and processing the death of a significant relationship. Jaymie has an MA in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco and a BA from UC Santa Barbara in Economics and Global Studies. Prior to her work at Kara, Jaymie served in the United States Peace Corp from 2010-2012 in the Dominican Republic.