Rev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern, MA

Parish Minister

I’m a parent of a 14-year-old, I have taught children of all ages, and I’m the minister to a hundred children or so in the congregation I serve, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. My wife and I have tried to raise our daughter with unconditional love and oodles of respect, honesty, and silliness. She is a curious, compassionate, confident person who has found her passion and is pursuing it, and to the extent that I have helped make that happen, it is my proudest accomplishment. When I’m not pastoring or parenting (and often when I am), I’m reading voraciously, making art, making good trouble in this troubled world, learning to speak Spanish and play the piano, cooking, gardening, or thinking profound thoughts. Of all the places I have traveled, I have loved the people, culture, and values of Mexico most, and the three of us have lived there twice, six months each time.