Screens Without Screams

Worried about the effect screens have on your child? It’s a valid concern. Screens seem to be everywhere these days, and the constant exposure may have you asking questions like:

    • How do screens affect a child’s brain?
    • Do video games make kids more aggressive?
    • Is it okay for a toddler to Skype with far away relatives?
    • Are there positive ways to use screens to connect with your kids?

In this kit, you’ll hear what the experts have to say about screens and find recommendations about quality content and daily exposure. You’ll also learn to create a media plan and find activities to help put that plan into action. Get ready to tune in, turn on, and tackle screen-time!

What goes into making a course?

10 Episodes

20 Activities

203 Hours of study

8 Experts

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41 Recommended Resources

Expert Highlights

Alex Korb, PhD

Neuroscientist, Adjunct Assistant Professor at UCLA

You are the one, when reading, who makes the words keep coming, whereas in TV, the TV makes the stuff keep coming. So, it’s the difference between going to the store and getting food versus just sitting there and having someone put food in your mouth.

— Me, Myself, and Media

Victoria L. Dunckley, MD
Psychiatrist, Author
I’ve seen a lot of kids who are misdiagnosed and they’re put on medication. Or if they do need medication, they’re put on way too much because their symptoms are out of control—because the root problem isn’t being addressed.

— Brains, Bodies, and Screens

Melissa Camacho, PhD

Professor, Media Reviewer

What a parent can do is they can help the child first understand what it is they’re watching or listening to, and then have a conversation about what that means within the context of their own lives.

— Using Tech to Connect

Ruth Burtman, PhD

Clinical & School Psychologist, Psychoanalyst & Educational Consultant

Actually co-viewing of media, when we’re listening to language, starts to build language. So they don’t learn the language as much from the screen as they do from us.

— Using Tech to Connect

Caroline Knorr

Parenting Editor

It’s been studied that having a positive relationship with your kids around media really does help your kid make better choices.

— Media Mentor

Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, PhD

Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Faculty, Psychologist, Researcher

Let’s remember that the word educational, when used in educational apps or educational programs, really doesn’t have any meaning. There’s nobody who gives a stamp of approval for putting the word education on an app.

— Media Mentor

Dianne Darrow


If technology doesn’t transform the way in which the lesson is delivered or particularly help the student in understanding, there’s no point.

— Screens in Schools

Helen Crompton, PhD

Associate Professor

Now we realize that how the brain works, students should be critical thinkers, not just getting their information because they’ve been told it. So what we want is a teacher that develops situations, environments, activities where students can learn.

— Screens in Schools

What the Parents Say

It’s helpful to know the research on this topic, I’ve always loved video games and this explains some of my behaviours- anxiety in particular- as an adult as well. It’s been difficult to avoid screens during the covid situation and taking university courses online now at the same time, but I’ll be trying the electronic fast with my daughter once the semester is over.


So my 11 year old and I decided to stay up late in my bed and watch Tik Tok and snap chat and different things like this. For instance, we did the face swap. It was hilarious and truly laughing with your child is amazing and fulfilling. In that moment we stepped out of our normal roles and were best friends.


I like that they help to describe the difficult topics to children. The last thing I want to do is scare them I want to educate


My husband spends 247 on his phone that leads to me to stay on mine . Could that be why my older child likes to stay on her YouTube for learning things if she doesn’t get her YouTube to learn she goes crazy ..


Really appreciate the non-judgmental, objective look at this very important topic. hope I can get my act together enough to actually do the measuring!!! which I see is the key starting place.


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