I was pretty much thrown into being a single mom cause of life circumstances an this app is really encouraging thank you for developing it.bethany


“I love how Theory of mind is mentioned! I love these lessons. I teach child development at a community college and am a director of a preschool school and listen to these to share with my families and staff who need more support with their...


This hit home in every way thats exactly what made me look for something like this app i too said there must be another way !! Cant wait to go on with this and learn


This episode speaks in volumes of how a parent should really act when their child is acting out. Brilliant story and advice.


This makes me feel human. It’s hard trying to unlearn the ways my parents disiplined me and your right. The way they disiplined me isn’t the way I want my son to feel. This made me feel better and realised love is the key. Thank you!